“…jewelry fashioned by the hand from the pure gold of the intellect.”

In the above quote, Abu Hayyan al-Tawdihi, 10th century philosopher, is talking about arabic calligraphy particularly as used to convey the word of Allah, but I love the quote as it refers to the work of the intellect in general.  I saw the quote at this place:

This is the National Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.  It was designed by I. M. Pei, one of the most famous architects in the world. (Think the pyramid at the Musee de Lourve, or the John F. Kennedy Library, or the Jacob Davits Convention Center, or just go look here.)

The collection is worth hundreds of words but the building itself is one of the amazing things I’ve seen.

I’m staying in a building that is barely visible across the bay in this picture.

Fun fact: I.M. Pei, when deciding to choose between an education in England and one in America chose America because he’d always been fond of the movies of Bing Crosby.


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