Viable Paradise 16 (Class of 2012)

Just got back from two weeks in New England. Most of that was my annual stint teaching with the other great instructors at Viable Paradise which is held every fall on Martha’s Vineyard.  Here’s this year’s class with instructors.


Shortly after this picture they administered the VP OATH!!!!

There are some great accounts (by the students) of their experiences. If you are one of them, please link to your account in the comments!


Arun Jiwa’s Account

At the end of it all though, I can’t help but feel that the instructors have turned us all into Things with our new and secret knowledge of the writing process.

Gary Henderson’s write-up.

Eric Gern’s posts.

Theresa Bazelli’s blog.

Lauren Roy’s Thoughts.

Dawn Bonnano’s reflections.

Casey Blair’s Horror.

Nicole Lisa’s Post VP

Aliza Greenblatt’s Gift for the Reader

Chris Bauer on all the books he has to read

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