Huge In France (Well, at least Published)

Male’diction ou super pouvoir?

The Mango French Language edition of Jumper comes out 13 March 2009 and they’ve launched a lovely little website for it.  If you choose Bande Annonce you get to see a multi-media presentation with a lively beat.  (I’ve been chair dancing all around the office to it!)  There is also, under L’auteur, an off-the-cuff video I did for the French sales force.  Please forgive the bad French a the beginning.  I lapse into perfectly awful English shortly thereafter.

We’ll see if I can achieve the Franco Fame of Howard Waldrop (or Jerry Lewis.)

Quel incroyable!

One thought on “Huge In France (Well, at least Published)

  1. Don’t know what this means but IMDB has updated the Jumper 2 listing as of March 18, 2009. I can’t really tell what’s new exactly. It is listed as “optioned property” now and I think it was listed as unknown before. Still in development but I noticed it has a production date of August 2009. I remember reading awhile back the filming date was April 27, 2010 and that hasn’t changed.

    Thanks for posting about the French site. I hope the book does well worldwide.

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