Me and that other guy, the SFWA President

So, this is my third day as SFWA president and it is already becoming apparent that this is a post I’ll need to point to over and over again.

I am the writer Steven Gould.

I am also the current President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy writers of America.

Yes we are one person but we have two functions.  To keep those two functions separate I would like communications to be separate, too.

If you are contacting me to ask a question about my books, my writing, or even that set of 5 chickens that live outside my office, contact me here, on Twitter ( @stevengould ) on facebook and with my “writerly” email

If you are contacting me because you want to ask a question about SFWA, my role as president, a recent action I took as president, a future action you would like me to take as president, a really angry feeling you wish to express to me either because I did (or did not do) something or somebody in SFWA did (or did not do) something, please contact me through the SFWA discussion forums or my official SFWA email: .

I may occasionally point to things related to SFWA from social media and I may occasionally say things on this blog about SFWA, but it won’t be often and when I do, I will be turning comments off because the SFWA conversations really need to happen over at

Thanks for understanding.

Unless you didn’t.

But it still doesn’t change things.

Yep, comments are off.