Impulse (Jumper III)

seems to be having some promotional pricing right now.

The Nook eBook is currently $1.99  (normally $12.99)

The Kindle eBook is currently $1.99 (normally $12.99)

The Audiobook is currently $4.49 (normally $24.95.)

Also, if you do Kindle AND audiobooks the two whisper sync (that means they keep track of where you are and can switch back and forth without losing your place.)

I’ve made inquiries, but I don’t know right now how long this pricing will last so strike while the iron is hot!


5 thoughts on “IMPULSE SALE

  1. I only just found out that Impulse even existed! Very excited for this. I have read Jumper every year since it was first given to me by my now late uncle. It was also his favorite book. A great deal of daydreaming has involved where and what I would do if I could Jump. I’m three chapters in to Impulse and enjoying every bit of it. Thank you for writing another installment!

  2. Looks like the Amazon and Audible sale didn’t last very long. B&N still has it for that price though.

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