Ghost Riders and Vampires

Well, hi, gang! Long time no see.

I got in a new suite of audio repair software tools a week or so ago and found myself rummaging around in my collection of old Los Blues Guys tapes, looking for something to throw on the slab and eviscerate with them.

The specimen we have here, after a fair bit of tweaking and EQ’ing and other more exotic processing that you don’t care about, is a performance from AggieCon XXII on the evening of March 22, 1991.

As far as I can tell, it’s the usual line-up — Unca Brad on drums, Unca Stevie on keyboards, Casey on bass and back-up vocals, me on lead guitar, and Unca Scott on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. Frankly, Brad and Scott are what make this performance so awesome. IMHO. As was so often the case. I’d kill to have Scott’s rhythm chops, and long ago gave up the idea of ever trying to learn to play drums, faced with the mountain that is Brad.

And we had a surprise rock-star guest in Warren Norwood, who sang his original set of lyrics at the end.

Without further ado, I give you:


Ghost Riders in the Sky / Vampires in the Sun


(Incidentally, either I or WordPress have completely lost the ability to format mixed text and pics properly. My apologies for this post looking so amateurish here. Working on it…)

6 thoughts on “Ghost Riders and Vampires

  1. Rory! Hi back! I am very thankful that you are keeping the lights on this way.

    I just got my new blog up and running. See link above. I’m planning to cross-post some of my blog posts here.

  2. Thanks, guys! Onward into the future, with more posts form everyone, hopefully. Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff, Morgan!

  3. Rory,

    Thanks for the post. Boy, does that take me back.

    I’m also writing this to ask a favor of you. David Allen and I were at Vericon at Harvard this weekend. (It’s a long story.) (And, boy could they use some pointers from 1978/1979 Aggicon people. Anyway, I was in the con suite talking to a Boston fan and happened to mention Aggicon and this young woman came up and said that she had heard that there were a couple of old geezers (though she put it more diplomatically) at Vericon and had been looking for them.

    Turns out that she’s a Harvard alumni who just started teaching at Texas A&M. She said that she was teaching Italian Literature. David Allen: “At A&M?!” Yes, she is focusing on teaching atheism. David Allen: “At A&M?! In Texas?!”

    Well, she is also an F&SF fan and has been told that there are some other SF fans on campus. She tried going through all 3 of Aggicon websites, but her email bounced. She did get ahold of somebody on the committee just before she left for Boston. But she’d like to get in touch with a wider group, so I said I would try and contact you. I figure you still have contact with some of the old Monkey House gang and some others.

    Her name is Ada Palmer and her (e)mail is adaplmer(at)tamu(dot)edu. You should also be able to find her in the University Directory.

    -Paul Cooper

  4. Oops. That address should include adapalmer with a second “a”. Sorry about that.

    -Paul Cooper

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