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February 2009
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Iron Chef Pear or What I Did On My Birthday

February 8th, 2009 by Steven Gould

I’m in Chattanooga, Tennessee (the ‘nooga as us hep kids call it) at a combination writer’s retreat and birthday celebration (not mine, but our host’s, Mary Robinette Kowal.) It just so happens that her BD is one day (and fourteen years) after mine.

I was supposed to be the offeeeeeecial photgrapher for the following event but one of the Team Mary’s sous chefs came down sick and I was roped in.

Nobody really lost, especially all of us who got to eat it.

Posted in Fantasy, Food, Horror, Science Fiction, Writing | 5 Comments »

5 Responses

  1. Bradley Denton Says:

    That was wonderful. Pear-fect!

    (And happy birthday, Stevie Chuck!)

  2. LDA Says:

    Sweeaat! Brilliant compilation, video-wise, too.
    (Belated H-B.)

  3. Madeleine Robins Says:

    I must have been going to the wrong writers’ retreats…. No one has ever fed me that well and permitted me to write, too.

    ::glyph of envy::

    Also happy birthday to Stevie-Chuck and the Fabulous Mary.

  4. James Hollaman Says:

    thanks a lot, now i’m hungry 🙂 that all looked so good. i could see why it was hard for the judges to decide….

    (oh and nicely done video)

  5. N.G. Says:

    That made me hungry.

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