Soylent Green is Angelfood

I think I’ve mentioned that I’m into cake decorating in a big way.  It’s an expensive hobby, but not as expensive as cocaine or skiing, so I indulge myself within the limits of reason and my budget.  But I’m not yet good enough to do something like, well, this:

That’s right.  Courtesy of, my favorite morning giggle, it’s–wait for it–a cake brain.

Cakewrecks also shows a kidney (rather squarish to reflect my understanding of anatomy, but hey…) and a seriously gorgeous, gory heart with all the wiring and veins and stuff.  Also a set of intestines.  But you’ll understand why the brain is my fave.

Now, where’d I leave my spork?

8 thoughts on “Soylent Green is Angelfood

  1. For some reason that little cluster of ganglia at the end shifts this from brain to brain monster.

    Ever seen Fiend Without A Face? In Canadian horror movie, brain eats you!

  2. that looks so good, and i bet if you placed red syrup on it to make it look bloody (hmmmm may be strawberry juice) i think it would just make it better! Oh man that looks good enough to eat…

  3. hey! i’m a huge fan of this cake! how did you make it? can I have some tips and the recipe?

    greetings from germany

  4. Alas, I did not make it, I just saw the picture and thought it was swoonworthy. I am no way in that league.

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