THB For The Masses

Two Headed Baby played a special gig last weekend.


It was a good weekend for me, in many, many ways. I’m planning to post in more detail on that later today or perhaps tomorrow.


I set up a laptop to record the gig as best I could through a single mic off to the side, and seem to have caught about two-thirds of it on disk. I’ve just finished processing a couple of the songs, and thought you might enjoy listening to THB in full fury.


Rachael was there, and told me that we sounded awesome, but she was being especially kind to her Papa last weekend, because I was suffering a great loss. The audience danced their asses off, and didn’t throw anything sharp or too hard at us. I figure that we probably didn’t suck, much.


Rockin’ In The Free World


Blues Medley



As you may know, our old drummer got bored with just hitting things and wandered off to try to learn how to be another goddam dime-a-dozen guitar player. Bob Yeager, who still enjoys smashing the hell out of everything, has gracefully taken his place.


Caroline Spector on bass, cello, and vocals, Warren Spector on rhythm and lead guitar, Gilda Ginsel on vocals and keyboard, my nice friend Bradley Denton on vocals, harp, and rhythm and lead guitar. I was up there, too, mostly played rhythm guitar.


However, we made the mistake of allowing both GreyLion and Bulky Jones to sit in. And they wanked endlessly. Please forgive them.


I’ve whined repeatedly about the Loudness Wars, but – I smashed the hell out these recordings, just because it seemed the rock ‘n roll thing to do. Another mea culpa for that. I tried to leave a few dynamics in place.


This stuff is meant to be played loud, though, so you should turn the volume knob all the way to the right. I hope your neighbors don’t find it too painful to listen to.



Pics credit to Cheryl Collum, who, incidentally, happens to be my baby sister.

7 thoughts on “THB For The Masses

  1. Who you callin’ a goddam dime-a-dozen guitar player, you goddam dime-a-dozen guitar player?

    But seriously. You were terrific. And Rachael was beautiful.

    Also, as I’ve already told you, you didn’t suffer a loss. You still gots what you done had before. And the way I look at it, you came out PLUS something . . . but that’s for you to tell.

    Congratulations, Bubba!

  2. The wedding was lovely and a ton of fun. Rachael is the very embodiment of a sensible girl. Any bride who sweeps up the hall in her wedding dress after the revelers have left is absolute aces in my book. You raised a class act, Rory. You should be very, very proud.

    And Jesse is a great fellow. He was very nice when I told him that if he hurt Rachael we would hunt him down. He took it very well, I thought.

    As for the band, any time we don’t get beer bottles thrown at us, it’s a good gig. And the fact the the other guests were getting lit on Wild Turkey and Everclear only helped us sound better. As I said throughout the night, “The drunker you are, the better we sound.” Truer words were never spoken.

  3. I’m finalizing the wedding post today, with copious pics and a few soundclips. As you know, many of our friends are in the federal Witness Protection Program, so I have to be careful what to put out there.

    Steve, et al. — I wish y’all had been there, too. It was cool.

    Brad — As you may know, you’re already at least a dollar-a-dozen guitarist. I especially appreciated your soulful solos on ‘Summertime’.

    Caroline – Yeah, the drinkin’ may have helped, a bit. It got pretty honky-tonk in there at times. Not to mention, I think that this was the first time that we got some actual moshing action during ‘I Wanna Be Sedated’. I don’t know how well you could see, but there was some damage taken in the pit.

    Also, I am proud to note that Jesse is likely one of the most-threatened grooms in history. He deals very gracefully with his fear of us all. I like him a bunch.

  4. Actually, I thought the Wild Turkey helped our playing immensely. I know it did mine.

    Great wedding, great party, great friends.

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