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November 2008
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Oh, Look! Story!

November 18th, 2008 by Madeleine Robins

Looking for something good to read?  A screenplay by Ursula K. Leguin, maybe?  Novels by Brenda Clough, Susan Wright or Vonda McIntyre?  Or maybe a handful of short stories to while away that wait for your much-delayed flight home from Kathmandu (now that we can look forward to a new and different president)?

Check out Book View Cafe, a nifty new website featuring work by over two dozen women writers working in SF, horror, fantasy, YA, and related genres.  We (disclosure: yes, I’m one of the roster) have banded together to make the site a place where we can bring our out-of-print work back, republish short stories, and show off new and experimental fiction.  Much of the work is free; there will be some available for subscription, and some for a nominal fee.  Read on screen, or download a PDF to your computer to take elsewhere.  And right now, since we’re in the roll-out phase, everything is free free free!

There’s also the Book View Cafe blog, with brief posts on divers topics by BVC authors.  I know, another damned blog.  But there’s stuff in there runs the gamut from comics to Camelot.  You know you’re curious.

I don’t know if Book View Cafe is an entirely new publishing paradigm, as the big kids say, but it’s at least on the leading edge.  And there’s really good stuff in there.  Come check us out!

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6 Responses

  1. Steven Gould Says:

    I tried to get over there on my Linux box and it didn’t really work well (though it was firefox.) Haven’t been back yet to see if it was my machine or the site.

  2. Madeleine Robins Says:

    Hm. I can get in via Safari and Firefox both, but I’m running on a Mac.

    I’ll relate this to the Tech Goddesses.

  3. Steven Gould Says:

    Working now.

  4. LDA Says:

    Definitely bookmark-able. Am curious. What are the Brainiacs reading at the moment?

  5. Morgan J. Locke Says:

    I’m reading Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond.

  6. Morgan J. Locke Says:

    (I also managed to score an early reader’s copy of Julian Comstock by one of my favorite writers, Robert Charles Wilson, and plan to start reading it this weekend…. heh heh heh)

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