Welcome to the Future

Thanks electorate.  Thanks poll workers.  Thanks for a clear and indisputable result.  I am very happy that we’ve got an election that isn’t settled by the Supreme Court.

My only disappointment is Prop 8 in California, a piece of hatred in a night that will otherwise go down in history as a celebration of diversity and hope.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Future

  1. Good morning, my country. Haven’t seen you in a while. How are you feeling? Me? Oh, you know, plugging along, trying to make ends meet. I’ve got a couple of kids now. Here, have some coffee. Can’t have you falling asleep again.

  2. Stayed up all night watching the votes get counted for Prop 8. Still 9% to be counted but it looks bad. It seems hard to believe that gay marriage will really be banned in California. I guess we need another generation yet.

  3. My joy and pride in my country for making this day possible is only marred by what looks like the results for Prop. 8.

    And I’m so glad that it’s over and we can get back to solving the problems that have multiplied while the campaign and election were going on. (Okay, America, you can stop packing for Canada…you can come out now.)

  4. Steve K,
    that’s pretty much how I feel.

    Or a challenge at the supreme court but I wouldn’t bet on it.

    Ditto. Here’s a hug for America (and you.)

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