Hubble Spots Anomaly; Borg Fu? Warp Drive? or a Big Ol’ Smudge?


Here is something fun. Sky and Telescope reports that the Hubble has spotted an unidentified object out in the far reaches of space.

What’s its distance? That would certainly be a first step to figuring it out, but only the broadest constraints can be put on its distance. Its lack of parallax motion means that it can’t be closer than about 130 light-years, and a lack of cosmic hydrogen absorption in its spectrum means that it can’t be farther than 11 billion light-years (when “distance” is defined by light travel time). That leaves a lot of leeway.

Wasn’t it our very own Sean who was speculating that all we need to do to attract the attention of the transdimensional gods is to muck around with, say, 5% of the known universe? Or was it Stuart? (I know, I know — that dot is a lot less than 5%. But it sure sounds interesting) (via Gizmodo)

7 thoughts on “Hubble Spots Anomaly; Borg Fu? Warp Drive? or a Big Ol’ Smudge?

  1. Okay, since nobody else has the guts to say it…

    We are apparently living in a much cheesier SF scenario than I thought. It seemed as if we were living in a John Brunner kind of future and now?

    I’m hoping that it’s some kind of munitions construct in a Stephen Baxter-style intracosmic war zone because the only alternative I can think of is that the danged thing’s Galactus.

    Of course I shouldn’t say things like this when I get all ferklempt if someone insists that animals had to be designed but astronomy keep throwing out these phenomena that seem like artifacts at first glance.

    Oh, if only there were someone around here who was willing to engage in wild speculation about really, really big construction projects…

  2. Yay! A comment!

    The Brainiacs have all gone awol (I hope, temporarily), and it’s been feeling a bit like Legend in here, lately.

    I totally want this to be something bizarro and cool that helps astrophysicists see the universe in a different light. (“light” — get it? har har. Ahem.)

  3. To be honest I danced around leaving a comment for a couple of days partially because I wasn’t sure I really had anything to say…

    If this does turn out to be an alien artifact all I want to know about is the funding. That’s my answer to Fermi’s Paradox (which I respect about as much as Pascal’s Wager) — funding.

    Got to say, space is getting soo (vulgarity) weird these days. Our knowledge is no longer something I can wrap my noggin around.

    And that’s how I like it.

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