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August 2008
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Unconvincing Narrative has been down…

August 26th, 2008 by Steven Gould

…did anyone notice?

I’ve been a baaaaaad blogger.  That is, to say, a non-existent blogger.  It started when mySQL problems at caused me blog to become intermittant and then got worse when one of my efforts to fix the thing caused it to break further.  The outcome on this is still pending but I’ll try to get it up and going.  I will post further news as it comes.

It’s a bit like this door mat available online.

Posted in Daily Life, Dammit! | 4 Comments »

4 Responses

  1. Madeleine Robins Says:

    Steve! Welcome home! Have a little (stale) cake…

  2. Ken Houghton Says:

    Don’t worry; in the massive silence from Other Voices and Other Rooms, we barely noticed your quiet.

    Besides, you were doing more important things.

    SQL, a Unix server: welcome back to the future…

  3. Christopher Long Says:

    Well, it’s nice to know what’s wrong. Hope you get it fixed soon!

  4. Paul Lidberg Says:

    Just wondering where you found that doormat…I have to get one…:D

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