Davy and Millie Story up at Tor.Com


Tor.Com has just published my post-Reflex Millie and Davy story, “Shade” with this incredible Eric Fortune illustration.

Besides being able to read the story at the site, various DRM-free download formats are available:  PDF, Mobi-Pocket, HTML, and Sony, as well as an MP3 of me reading it.

Thanks, Tor!

9 thoughts on “Davy and Millie Story up at Tor.Com

  1. Ooh! Free consonants and vowels arranged in unique sequences. Yummy.

    Will acquire and consume tonight.

  2. It is nice to see that Millie and Davy are still at it. I liked the POV being outside of them. I wonder what I would do if someone popped into existance like that near me.

    Thanks for sharing the story!

  3. Even more excellenter than I remember it, Unca Stevie.

    I haven’t listened all the way through your reading yet, but your skillz there have definitely taken a big… uh… jump.

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