The book, the dream, and the trees

So, I finished* the revisions to the book last night**, and then I went to sleep. In my dream I had planted trees in my front yard–one or two saplings. I was trying to make sure they got enough water and was very worried about whether they would survive. It was all also very muddy and messy. (This may have something to do with the fact that we were having sewer problems yesterday. Ugh.)

Then I looked around and realized I had several trees in my front yard. And they were big! I had these big beautiful trees and I hadn’t known how quickly they’d grow! But then I got mad because:

  1. I hadn’t planted them the right distance apart (they were in this really haphazard configuration–some crowding each other);
  2. They STILL weren’t getting enough water; and
  3. When I looked more closely I saw they were actually weird looking and kind of ugly, because I had chopped off all these limbs from them. I remember looking at them and thinking, what the hell was I thinking??


Shaddup, Subconscious, sez I. I got the damn thing finished. Are you ever satisfied?

Weird Tree. Creative Commons copyright 2.5 by RJA Digital, non-commercial share-alike.

(really cool tree picture, “Weird Tree,” by RJA Digital, published under a Creative Commons copyright 2.5 – non-commercial use only, share-alike.)



**Thank God!

15 thoughts on “The book, the dream, and the trees

  1. Yeah, I don’t know what that was about. Paths not taken? Insufficient time devoted to planning? Insufficient dedication to creative pursuits in general? Maybe a little of all of the above. I’m not surprised my subconscious is complaining. I am definitely feeling grumpish about all the things that need doing that aren’t getting done because of all the other things that need doing.

    But hey! I got it done. So I ain’t complainin’.

  2. I was able to find out what LMAO means (and thank you kindly, sir)…

    … but this is what I got for LDA.

    Left displacement of the abomasum.

    Are you secretly James Herriot?

  3. Sean,
    How charming you selected that one possible meaning for my initials. You had so many others to choose from:
    Some people are enamored with their given names. I am not. It is as bland as unadulterated tofu. It does not inspire impassioned arias or great literature. It is more suited to bureaucrats and hospitality staff. So, I prefer to use only the initials. Though providing a measure of anonymity, there’s no more profundity than that.

  4. I prefer “Laser Doppler Anemometry,” Lase…er, I mean, LDA.

    (Unadulterated tofu? Is adulterated tofu less bland? I suppose it depends on what it is adulterated with…)

  5. And here we have a perfect example of what the most honorable Jim Woodring (Check him out if you haven’t — refers to as a lapse of genuis. See, Morgan had responded to a previous post of mine wth the acronym LMAO and while I had indeed read your comments, LDA, I did not assume he was referring to you — I thought it was another acronym and thus was baffled. Meea culpa, mea idiot.

    I kinda like Legal Drinking Age but that’s pretty much what you’d expect from me.

    And would black bean and garlic sauce be considered an adulterant?

  6. Well, that certainly explains the query about being James Herriot. Ha, ha, ha. LMAO.
    (I’m with you on the whole adulterated-unadulterated issue, Morgan, but living in a place with high numbers of both Asian peoples and Vegetarians, I didn’t wish to offend.
    Personally, I may have to go with the Costa Rican football club, Liga Deportiva Alajuelense. Ready made apparel AND a cool mascot!

  7. Sean,
    To quote The New Moosewood Cookbook: “Unadulterated tofu is cloudlike and bland.”
    Cloudlike? Is that a technical cooking term?
    “Sometimes it’s comforting, but sometimes it cries out for a little more action.” I guess getting some “action” would be the adulterating part.

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