Dr. Horrible is Almost Here


Everybody already knows about this, but just in case you’ve managed to forget, Joss Whedon’s latest project lifts off in two days.

I’ve been waiting for months for this.

Please help us to overload and crash his servers on Tuesday.

Click the pic for a preview and more info.


8 thoughts on “Dr. Horrible is Almost Here

  1. Thought I’d let you guys know that you’ve been doing your part great!

    I just tried to hit the Dr. Horrible web site, and it’s timing out.

  2. Okay, the server is back up. I just now watched it.

    It’s fucking wonderful. This is pure, uncut Joss. Funny, poignant, and twisted.

  3. Casey — You can’t crush on Dr. Horrible! He’s eeeeeeeeevil!

    …I just saw episode 2. Which is streaming gracefully from the primary server. It’s fucking-wonderful-squared.

    I’m loving Joss’s music, and ‘It’s a Brand New Day’ gets into rock ‘n roll territory.

  4. Well. I just watched the third episode.


    I’m really looking forward to the movie.

  5. Captain Hammer deserves to be chewed on by Bad Horse and trampled until that smirk is wiped clean off his face… or until he doesn’t have one.

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