An Undeserved Honor

By the time Jack Williamson was my age he had published over 29 novels and over 73 short stories. He then went on, before he died, to publish almost as much again, be awarded the second ever SFWA Grand Master award and then, in this decade, won the Hugo, Nebula, and John W. Campbell awards.

So, it is with a great deal of humility (and a severe case of imposture syndrome) that I let you know I will be Special Guest of Honor at the 32nd Williamson Lectureship at Eastern New Mexico University.


Also speaking at the lunch will be special guests Christopher Stasheff and Connie Willis. In the morning before the luncheon there will be a presentation on the physics of both the novel and movie versions of Jumper by Alberto Rojo, recent Jack Williamson Endowed Chair and associate professor of physics at Oakland University. In the afternoon there will be panels at the University Library

2:00 Tribute to Fred Saberhagen
3:00 New Directions: SF and Fantasy
PG for Violence, Action and Scary Creatures: SF and Film

At 4:00 pm on Thursday the 10th, Connie Willis, Walter Jon Williams, and I are also doing a “Young Readers and Writers” event at the Portales Public Library.

Click the pic for the official Lectureship site.

5 thoughts on “An Undeserved Honor

  1. Way cool, and much more appropriate than Malzberg winning the first annual JWC Award.

    In which context, please edit appropriately the text before “the (1) Hugo, (2) Nebula, and (3) John W. Campbell awards.”

  2. Dude! Congratulations! And, yeah, just remember — the Impostor Syndrome is most severely suffered by those who are most incorrect about their worthiness.

    …In other words, if you thought you did deserve the honor, you wouldn’t. But since you think you don’t, you do.

    Got it, you New York Times Best-Selling Author, you?

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