Emma Bull and Los Blues Guys – Soulful Dress

Emma Bull’s personality, singing, and high-energy stage presence always blew me away. She’s also, um, well, a bit of a hottie. Which never hurts when you’re a rock chick. I haven’t seen her for way too many years, but some things don’t change, and I’m absolutely certain that Emma is still the magical creature I knew.

She’s also the author of, among other works, ‘War for the Oaks’, which is considered a classic seminal urban fantasy.

She was in the most excellent Minneapolis band Cats Laughing.

On October 11, 1991, along with other celebrity guests, she took the stage with Los Blues Guys. She’s all over the tape I have of the event, but here’s her taking lead vocals and rockin’ hard.


Soulful Dress


Bradley Denton on drums, I think, though I know that Steven Brust sat in with us on at least one occasion. I’m not sure whether it was Patrick Nielsen Hayden, or Tom Maddox, or somebody else, who played guitar on this song, and would appreciate help with that. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t me, though. Whoever it was, they did good. Real good.

If you’d like some more Emma in your life, you can find more of her writing and music by reading and following the links offered on her web site and in her Wikipedia entry.


2 thoughts on “Emma Bull and Los Blues Guys – Soulful Dress

  1. I love getting to hear people sing. One time we had Steve Brust as a guest of honor at ConQuest and him and Fred Levehaskel did a small concert loved it. when i took and got to go up to minniapolice and see a girlfriend (a friend of Stevens) i got to see part of the inner circle of music up there. i loved listening to them all. Boiled in lead, Emma and others. I like good music….

  2. If it was the time Emma played with Los Blues Guys at Armadillocon, that was also the time Patrick played with the group.

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