Bridge of Sighs

Just a quick one tonight, as I’m dyslexic from a project I’m working on. You old people here already know this song, but some of the young’uns might not.

The Bridge of Sighs is a real one in Venice, Italy, and gained its name because convicts were led across it to the prison on the other side, sorrowfully gaining their last view of freedom as they walked.

It’s also the title of Robin Trower’s best-known song. It sorta effed up his career, because he got pigeon-holed as a Hendrix-thing. Sorry about that, Robin — it’s still a masterpiece.



My personal take on this live performance is that he’s gotten elderly and white-haired like, uh…. some of us… but he remembers how to play the guitar.

A glance at his web site gives the strong impression that he’s not sitting back on the porch these days. Is on tour and still cranking out the new albums. His new one with Jack Bruce, who was in Cream, is ‘Seven Moons’. It’s at #181 on Amazon. Not bad for an old guy.

He even blogs from his site, and it looks like he was at La Zona Rosa just a couple of weeks ago. Damn. I’d have loved to have seen him play.