At The Lesbian Bar

Me and She Who Is Awesome have some startlingly free-form conversations on occasion.

I don’t remember how we arrived there, but she suggested the first four lines of this song.

It got stuck in my head, and I had to write the rest.

It’s all pretty much one take, just vocal and guitar. I might revisit it at some point, but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out tonight.

And no pitch-tuning. Go me!


At The Lesbian Bar


Uh, I really doubt that this one is safe for work…


7 thoughts on “At The Lesbian Bar

  1. I like it all the way up to the point where it turns out that all the lesbians from the bar want to do their thing on him.

    One person who likes to beat up guys, sure.

    All of them? Stereotype.

  2. Sigh. Yeah, I was being deliberately over-the-top. Once again, proof that my sense of humor sometimes doesn’t translate well into the wider world.

    Or that I’m humor-impaired, take your pick….

  3. Yep. Ah, well. They can’t all be home runs; some are pop flies at best. You just gotta keep coming up to bat….

  4. Thanks for the support, guys. My brain and ears were burnt when I finished it last night. Today I hear it differently, of course.

    I’m talking with Rach about it as I type, and — it may be putting lipstick on a pig, but I’m gonna re-do it,with bass and drums and such added. See what comes of it. Worst case, I’ll learn more tricks of production…

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