But A Few Hours Later, the Flying Monkeys Attacked

Now that I’ve returned to Central Texas after my and Barb’s annual Pilgrimage to the Old Country, I thought I’d write a long, convoluted post worthy of my reputation as a yammering psychopath.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve returned to Central Texas, Central Texas has also returned to me.  I have a truly outstanding case of cedar fever, and tonight I feel about as good as I did the last time I was worked over with a crowbar (which happens with greater frequency than you might imagine, considering how sweet I am).

As a result, this week’s post is of the same ilk as last week’s — that is, a photo from one of the high points of the Pilgrimage:

Hark the Herald Okies Sing

So.  Where did YOU spend Christmas?

7 thoughts on “But A Few Hours Later, the Flying Monkeys Attacked

  1. did the usual, went up and ate supper with Jim’s mom and her hubby (all three of us) on Christmas eve in Lawrence. We went home, then Jim and I came back to my mom’s house (she lives in Lawrence now) for the Christmas Day chaos with that whole side of the family. (mom, sis, my brother and his wife, my nephew, my niece, hubby and their four boys….).

    Mom had taken me for My Christmas pressie the week before, a trip to Kohl’s for more looking-for-job clothes, plus new jeans and other stuff that I needed (we got $300 worth of clothing for <$100, she gets a senior discount plus a lot of things were on sale).

    All in all it was a good thing.

  2. I am so BUMMED that I did not spend any part of my holidays either in Prague, St. Louis OR the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus. Which begs the question, is there a Bethleham, Oklahoma? Because that would be the perfect place for the National Shrine of the Infant Jesus.

    There is a Bethleham, Texas.

  3. We was sme where near Bethleham when the drugs began to take hold. Suddenly i saw a bright light in the sky. “Fire” i yelled. “what did you say, my lawyer asked me. “Nothing, its your turn to drive…” from Fear and Loathing in Bethleham…..

    Spent the week end off and went to work on christmas day. sigh at least i had the week end off

  4. Spent it in San Francisco, mostly watching The Gilmore Girls (Avocado’s Xmas gift? All seven seasons, in a Barbie Dream House Package).

    Latter part of vacation enlivened by dog and both children suffering nasty gastrointestinal flus involving buckets and cleanup, and by Spouse throwing out his back badly enough to be on bed rest until Monday. I’d so love to visit the Shrine of the Infant Jesus.

    Is there, this leads one to wonder, a Shrine to the Toddler Jesus?

  5. Me and She Who Is Awesome spent Christmas Eve in Austin. We’d planned to ride in to Bryan that day, but her bike’s battery died, and it was too late to leave by the time we got it recharged.

    It was awful. I had to spend all that unplanned time with her. She made me watch ‘Joyeaux Noel’, the movie about soldiers in the trenches in WWI having an unexpected outbreak of sanity during the holidays. The movie was amazing — well-acted, moving, courageous, and uplifting while staring into the face of our perpetual inhumanity to each other.

    Didn’t have any helicopters, though, so I hated it, of course.

    We rode in to Bryan on Xmas Day, our first road trip together on bikes. Was another one of those exhilirating darn father-daughter bonding experiences that I usually avoid .

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