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But A Few Hours Later, the Flying Monkeys Attacked

January 3rd, 2008 by Bradley Denton

Now that I’ve returned to Central Texas after my and Barb’s annual Pilgrimage to the Old Country, I thought I’d write a long, convoluted post worthy of my reputation as a yammering psychopath.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve returned to Central Texas, Central Texas has also returned to me.  I have a truly outstanding case of cedar fever, and tonight I feel about as good as I did the last time I was worked over with a crowbar (which happens with greater frequency than you might imagine, considering how sweet I am).

As a result, this week’s post is of the same ilk as last week’s — that is, a photo from one of the high points of the Pilgrimage:

Hark the Herald Okies Sing

So.  Where did YOU spend Christmas?

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