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Visiting Major Cities of the World*

December 27th, 2007 by Bradley Denton

Barb and I are continuing our world* tour this week . . . and so far, the only mystery is how a postcard can receive an Oklahoma City postmark when it was mailed from the post office in Prague:

Dobrý den!

Oh, well.  Here’s hoping for better luck in St. Louis:

Gateway to the West -- Well, West of Tulsa



*If by “World” you mean that long stretch between Austin and Kansas City.

Posted in Barb, Brad, Dammit!, Education, Holidays, Maureen, Personal History | 6 Comments »

6 Responses

  1. Maureen McQ Says:

    I’m sure there is more than one busy body in St. Louis. I don’t know about pyros.

  2. James Hollaman Says:

    Got to love going to a far off country, just inside the USA. Sadly i have never been to any of them.

  3. Paula Helm Murray Says:

    You missed Versailles. (Ver-sayl-ez)

  4. Maureen McQ Says:

    Hey, isn’t Versailles in Indiana?

  5. Bradley Denton Says:

    And this particular “Prague” is pronounced, by the locals, as “Praygh.”

    Not that I have room to talk, living in Manchaca (pronounced Manschack).

  6. Rory Harper Says:

    When I was 13 years old, we lived in Palestine. Texas, that is.

    Unfortunately, there was no peace in that far-off land. Generations of native Farmers carried on a relentless war against the invading Johnson Grass.

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