Mysterious Postcard

I posted last week about an Ebay auction and low and behold, this week I received the following:

Mysterious Postcard

I have some vague idea who might have sent such a thing–it has a US stamp and an Oklahoma postmark. And so I deduce that it might be in Czech. The only words I know in Czech are…well, I don’t know any words in Czech. But I went to grad school, dammit, and I had a language requirement, and if that taught me anything, it taught me how to make a half-assed translation in a language I didn’t know. As best I can figure, the postcard reads:

I cannot resist. Muzete me this translate? “give me spout within beer.”

Much obliged!

And give my kind regards to the French Bean!*

I owe you a beer, Denton. Preferably at the Klášterní pivovar Strahov.

(Actually, it says ‘Give my regards to Bob’ but one translation software came back with this, and how could I not prefer ‘the French Bean?’)

4 thoughts on “Mysterious Postcard

  1. I personally cannot resist “the French Bean.”

    I need a more interesting group of friends. No one sends me postcards in Czech.

  2. Even though Barb and I stayed just down the hill from Strahov Monastery when we visited Prague in ’05, we didn’t manage to sample their pivo. (Although we did manage to sample lots of other breweries’ pivo — all up and down the hill.)

    Next time, we will absolutely correct that oversight.

    Especially, McQ, if you’re buying . . .

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