Poster Post

Over at /Film I found out that Jumper the movie has been moved up one day. Instead of “President’s Day Weekend” (the 15th of Feb, 2008) the release date is now the 14th (Valentines Day!) How romantic.

While this hasn’t been changed in the end of the online trailer it has been changed at the official website.

Oh, yeah, and now there’s a poster (as seen at /Film):

This movie sphinx!

Now for the weird stuff.
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Mr and Mrs Sloth

Our Sin today is sloth. Frankly, I thought about putting off this column, but that’s procrastination, and it is not a sin, it’s a vice. Vices are merely hazardous to your health; sins are hazardous to your soul (so: smoking, drinking, unprotected sex are vices; it’s the impulse to smoke, drink, or have unprotected sex that is sinful). Procrastination is often a product of sloth, but it’s sloth itself that we are here to discuss today. So, no more putting it off.

Sloth noun: reluctance to work or make an effort.

That’s a little half-hearted, isn’t it? Sloth isn’t mere indolence or laziness. Sloth is something greater and more sinister: the total disinclination to bestir oneself, even on one’s own account (which makes you not only slothful, but a drag on the people around you who have to pick up the slack). My favorite illustration of Sloth is from Norman Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth, one of my Holy Texts (see No Religious Training, above). When the hero, Milo, wanders into the Doldrums, he encounters the Lethargarians, who outline their day: Continue reading