Oh, it all looks so yummy, I don’t know where to start.

Okay, there’s a reason we sin, and we all know it. It feels good. Eating tasty food, and lots of it, feels good. Eating while engaged in some of the other sins feels even better.

For instance, here’s the second-most famous gluttony scene in the history of the cinema:


Wow, that turkey looks soooo juicy. Who carved it? Uh, just white meat for me, please.

The French, as usual, have a word for it that sounds much cooler than the English word:

Snotty French Word for Glutton

Also as usual, they’re cranky and whiny about the way it’s being used by the rest of us.

Could you put some of that cornbread dressing on my plate? Uh, another spoonful, please.

Conjugating the noun.

I don’t waste food.

You have a healthy appetite.

He licks his plate clean. And yours. And mine.

Could you pass the mashed potatoes? And the cream gravy to go with it?

Gluttony is the premier late-20th and early-21st century sin. Unlike the others of the Deadly Seven, we’re all doing it more and more. It used to be an American specialty, but the Brits have seriously taken it up, too, and it’s spread worldwide. Considering the crap we pig out on, some of us have the whipsaw condition of obesity and malnutrition existing simultaneously in the same body.

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