I Got Your “Best Of” Right Here

  The Friendliest Little Bar in Texas

Every year, Austin’s alternative weekly, The Austin Chronicle, publishes a “Best of Austin” issue to highlight all the various wonders of the Violet Crown City. (Yes, Austin is known as the Violet Crown City. It’s also known as The Live Music Capital of the World, Waterloo, and Sodom-on-the-Colorado. But those are topics for future posts.) This year’s “Best Of” issue came out today.

The Chron’s extensive “Best Of” list is always entertaining, and it’s a great way to start conversations, arguments, and bar fights. This year’s edition is broken into nine categories (“Architecture & Lodging,” “Arts & Entertainment,” “Food & Drink,” etc.) and includes both “Critics’ Picks” and the results of a readers’ poll. And in addition to listing winners in standard subcategories such as “Best Hotel,” “Best Restaurant,” and “Best Bookstore,” the Chron also gives mad props to “Best Place to Find a Lover,” “Best Pay Phone Within 50 Miles,” “Best Moment of Zen That’s Not on ‘The Daily Show,’” “Best Way to Avoid Dysentery While Enjoying Bjork,” and “Best Creative Use of Three Small Trampolines.”

The only flaw with the Chron’s “Best of Austin” list is that, as comprehensive as it tries to be, it tends to give short shrift to us Austinites (Austinians? Austinoids?) who don’t live smack-dab in the middle of the city. So, to do my part to help out my brethren on the southern outskirts (and our many foreign visitors, some from as far away as Arkansas) here’s my list of the –

Best of Austin Between MoPac and I-35, But South of Slaughter Lane (In Other Words, Manchaca, More or Less, But Not Quite Down to Buda):

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