Jumper (for Joy)

jumperjoy.jpg I just saw the trailer for Jumper.Let’s just say “It doesn’t suck.”

Oh my god, this is going to be HUGE!

(Yes, the trailer isn’t supposed to be released until midnight tonight (EDT) but the international trailer apparently went online last night.)

Yes they made changes but I’m delighted at how much from the books is showing up onscreen.

UPDATE: They’ve taken it down again and replaced it with a countdown similar to the one at AnywhereIsPossible.com. Ah, well.

19 thoughts on “Jumper (for Joy)

  1. Damn. The trailer alone is going to pull in $100 million worth of business.

    This looks like a seriously cool movie. I’ll probably go see it.

  2. As you can tell from the photo, I’m not excited at all.

    This is actually BUDGETED excitement. I have been asked over and over again by friends and family and total strangers if I’m excited about the movie. The trouble is, this has been going on for over four years now (since the option) so it’s just not possible to maintain the level of excitement that everyone seems to expect. However, I have been telling people for the last few months that the next time I would get excited is when the trailer came out.

    I’m delighted not to have to contrive any of it.

  3. Steve, I agree that the trailer does not suck but I still cannot get over just how much they deviated from your book. Paladin’s, Griffin, the war (huh?)…jumping a car through a window?
    Is Brian Cox even a character in the movie?
    Steve, whenever I run out of books I can always rely on Jumper, Helm and Reflex as a back-up re-read until I get something new and it’s killing me that the Hollywood machine has done this to one of my favorite literary worlds.
    Sorry that my 1st post is a rant, the changes just really took me by surprise and I guess this is just my knee-jerk reaction to them.
    I feel better now 😉

  4. Shane, that’s funny; I almost had the exact opposite reaction. From everything I’d read about the film, it was going to deviate so drastically that I was afraid *nothing* would be left. When I saw the trailer, I thought, wow, they may be changing the story’s trappings in a big way — with a major new character and huge changes to both who the bad guys are and when they emerge. But they are getting its spirit exactly right: the first thrilling sense of great power jumping gives you, and then the dawning realization that no matter how much you jump, you can’t escape the consequences of your actions… and for the first time, I had confidence that Hayden Christensen could pull off the combined competence and innocence that makes Davy so appealing.

  5. Morgan, I suppose I shouldn’t be too shocked regarding the changes. I am just so afraid that said changes were only made for whatever target audience the studio is shooting for (teens with disposible incomes).
    I look back at this summer’s “blockbusters” as a good example of just how bad a movie can turn out because a studio has to make a profit from it.
    I agree that Hayden can do Davy justice as long as I can just keep those 2 little movies he made with George Lucas out of my brain.
    Now bring on the adaptation of Helm, I’m dying to see that on film!

  6. Huh, you’re right, it doesn’t play the vid any more, just counting down for another 12 hours. Guess they accidentally let it out of the barn a little early, then caught it.

    *waves to beloved daughter.*

  7. Now that’s just weird. The international site said 13 hours the first time I opened it after it reverted to the counter. The next time it said 8 hours. Now it says 1 day.

  8. Time jumping is exactly how you can make the trailer work, and only your computer has to do the jump … 😉

  9. Are these time jumps part of some rabbit hole that Maureen has managed to put into the promo for the movie? Sounds like an ARG to me.

  10. I see Steven Gould for the first time in years, and he’s yumpin’!

    Howdy, Steve! Hi, Laura!

    Was thinking about you just the other day.
    We will be going to see Jumper. That trailer is hot.
    I feel weird about Mr. and Mrs. Smith (love the action, love the humor, keep remembering they kill people), BUT it is a fun movie. Jumper looks like a good bet.

  11. Lea! Hey! Great to see your phosphors. I’ve been thinking about you, too. Both of our girls love comics and have been drawing their own; we got your great book on the art of drawing manga, and they were so excited that we knew a realio, trulio, famous comic book artist! xxoxo

  12. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” is not really a thriller; it’s a romantic comedy with guns and assassination as a metaphor for marital strife. When you watch it with that set of expectations in mind, it’s brilliant.

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