Anywhere Is Possible

Some sites (here, here, and here) are talking about the viral marketing plan that someone is running for a yet to be determined subject. The following post card was sent to several movie reporting reporters and bloggers.postcard.jpg

(from SlashFilm)

If you go to the site ( you’ll find a ticking countdown clock in the same white-on-black type.

“LA to London in less than 3 seconds. anywhere is possible. find out how 10/10/07″

When I did a WhoIs for the site I tracked it to 20th Century Fox. Also, according to SlashFilm, there is a hit tracker buried in the html for FoxCorp as well.

I don’t know anymore than any of these guys but they’re all speculating it’s the countdown to the Jumper Trailer.

I hope they’re right.

Odds and Ends

For my Monday post, I want to share a couple of tidbits I think you will all enjoy.

First, check out these cool meta-haiku by artist and writer Heather McDougal.

Here is the start of one entitled Friend:

Friend, a haiku by Heather McDougal

Haiku, as you know, are an exquisitely short poetry form. American haiku are typically three lines in length with five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Heather McDougall’s meta-haiku have this form, but there’s another layer: each line has a set of hyperlinks. The first line has five hyperlinked phrases, the second has seven, and the third has five.

You can click the links in any order, but you can’t go back, so the order in which you select a particular choice determines the meta-form as well as the single form you see at any moment.

Second, here is a video, a mondegreen that had me laughing so hard tears ran down my face.