1. Dawn in Space! * 2. Fakes in Space! * 3. Pirates in Space!

1. Dawn in Space!

Dawn in Space

Today, NASA’s Dawn probe to the asteroid belt was launched.  Dawn’s mission is ambitious:  Four years from now, it will place itself in orbit around Vesta . . . and then it will fly on to the dwarf planet Ceres and orbit that world as well (in 2015).

Read more about Dawn (and watch a video of the launch) here.

2. Fakes in Space!

Liar, liar, space pants on fire!

While Dawn’s mission is thrilling, it is a robotic mission.  No human beings will be going to Vesta or Ceres anytime soon.  (Unless there’s oil.)

But then, there are those who argue that human beings never could go to another world, and never have.

For example, it turns out that the Apollo moon landings were all faked as part of a massive government space-program hoax.

But it’s only now that we know the full extent of the fraud – and we have these guys to thank for the knowledge.

So that’s how they did it.

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