8 thoughts on “Yesterday…

  1. Oh, you are such a sell-out.

    Your trufans are revolted at the crass commercialization of your artistic statement.

    However, if you’ll donate, say, 10% of the vast sum of money you got for selling out, to the RnR Motorcycle Customization Project, we’ll get over it all.

  2. And it’s a damn good read — if too short!

    When do you plan on giving us fan-geeks MORE?

  3. Yes, we want more! Got it yesterday and finished it today. Griffin is the anti-Davy, cynical, charming, takes stuff with him, and loses his girlfriend to suckville. Jesus it’s a lousy situation, but it was a good read

  4. Great read. I picked it up yesterday on the way home from work, read about 100 pages, tried to go to sleep, got back up at midnight and stayed up until 4am finishing it. It reminded me of Ender’s Shadow in terms of revisiting a familiar story through a very different set of eyes. Thanks!

  5. I just did what persky did. Thanks to Griffin’s Story I didn’t get any sleep. The Jumper novels are like heroin. Must have more!

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