Texas Radio

I’ve been house-sitting all weekend, so am just now making the effort to create my posts for the weekend. I don’t have a vid for you in this one, but do have a link to a music stream that I’m listening to as we write.


As I’ve mentioned before, Texas music from the mid-to-late-Sixties feels right to me on a cellular level. Back then, radio stations were owned locally, and they often had dj’s who were in love with music and they made up their own playlists, and supported local acts. A lot of music got regionally popular, and was good, without necessarily breaking out nationally.

Texas certainly had its share of national acts, but you’ve never even heard of some of the good local ones if you didn’t grow up listening to them on Texas radio. Click the pic to hear some of that stuff.

There are two separate streams, and there’s some great seminal Texas rock in them.

A couple to watch out for are Fever Tree, and the Moving Sidewalks, which is the band where Billy Gibbons practiced his chops.

We also have the Chessmen, which was led by Jimmie Vaughan. I’ve always felt like a moron for never having gone to see Stevie Ray when he was alive. But, when I was researching this post a few weeks ago, I came across a cool nugget of info.

I saw the Chessmen several times, mostly at the old Catacombs club off of S. Post Oak. And the true history is that Stevie used to sit in with his big brother’s band. It brightened my world up considerably to realize that I may well have seen baby Stevie Ray play, after all!