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April 27th, 2007 by Steven Gould

75 The Diamond Anniversary of Jack Williamson

I’m travelling today.  Got up early and dropped Noble Girl off for her high school math classes before driving to beautiful and scenic Portales, New Mexico, home of Eastern New Mexico University, to attend the 31rst Jack Williamson Lectureship.

The Lectureship was created when Jack retired from the university but this is the first one that he hasn’t attended and, as Connie Willis said (as the first speaker) we remeber the face the smile the voice but much is lost.  I’m not going to repeat what was said earlier but  here are links to previous posts about Jack:

 Memorial Service

A Sky Thick With Stars

And these are just the novels 

I’m staying the night and tomorrow, along with Walter Jon Williams, Ed Bryant, Connie Willis, Rick Hauptman, and others, I’m caravanning out to the ranch, the homestead where Jack was raised, to see the shack where Jack wrote his first stories.

When Jack sold his first story, Isaac Asimov was eight years old.  I want to touch that shack.  I’m a rationalist but if there was any magic in the world, if we can absorb any bit of another’s talent and imagination, then I want his.

And even without touching his shack I can still pick up his work.

Thanks, Jack.

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3 Responses

  1. Morgan J. Locke Says:

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Beth Adele Long Says:

    I still remember reading “With Folded Hands” as a teen — it made a huge impact on me, along with much of his other work.

    If you didn’t mind, I’d love to hear more once you’ve been to the shack.

  3. Steven Gould Says:

    Got pictures. Got thoughts. I’ll be doing a post.

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