4 thoughts on “Banned XBox 360 Ad


    No really, that is AWESOME. I have a finger gun game going with about half of the coop right now. A scenario like that is somewhat of a dream.

  2. And, just to bounce this one back up, Rach and I were talking about it the other night and still laughing about it. I think I understand why their lawyers or PR people likely thought that putting it on TV might agitate certain humorless people.

    Wish they’d gone ahead anyhow. It would have been a cultural event.

    But I’m glad they put it out to go viral. It has over a million YouTube views when you add up the various postings. Deserves more.

  3. This is the best commercial EVER INVENTED!!!! No joke! It’s even better than the Japanese Fanta Sneeze commercial. Why the heck it was banned? I don’t know. I think it’s because Amerika is hypocritical and needs to get over ‘terrorist threats’ because the only thing this ad makes me want to do is gather a group of friends at the mall, spread them out, and do a mock representation of this ad just to get it out there…yeah…and have one person stand there with an “Xbox 360” sign. Sounds fun…I thinks I will ^_^

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