Podible Paradise: Episode Zero

Okay, I’ve got another podcast going. I’ll be doing this one fairly regularly, at least until the application deadline for Viable Paradise, June 15th. It’s purpose is to give people an idea of what the workshop experience is. I’ll be talking to current instructors and previous instructors (Maureen, I’m comin’ fer ya!) and previous students.

(For those who don’t know, Viable Paradise is a residential, week-long SF and Fantasy Writing workshop held on Martha’s Vineyard every fall. Lots of details at Podible Paradise or at Viable Paradise.)

During the first episode I talk with Mur Lafferty, writer and podcaster, a student at the most recent VP. You can visit the site here or subsribe.

2 thoughts on “Podible Paradise: Episode Zero

  1. Kewl, I’m listening to it now. My goal in the next two years is to GO to Viable Paradise (though it might have to happen after 2009…. for some strange reason).

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