Attack of the … Podcast

Episode Zero

Eat Our Brains:  The Podcast

Rory and Steve discuss stuff better left undiscussed. Wide ranging discussion of bad movies starting with the material in Rory’s post, Attack of the Whatever, and ending in the mountains of Houston. Very silly.

This is mostly a test to see how the technology works but I think it’s pretty entertaining. I want to do more with all the contributors here at EOB.

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7 thoughts on “Attack of the … Podcast

  1. Well, that’s weird. If you use the player, it’s playing at double speed. If you download, it’s fine. So, I’ve disabled the player for this one cast.

  2. My PC didn’t know what to do with the m4a.

    I hunted down the quicktimeplayer.exe in C:\Program Files\QuickTime, designated it as the file to play the m4a, and it executed fine as a pop-up in FireFox.

    I do pretty minimal installs as a rule, so, if you have QT installed, you PC-guys like me probably have it set to play m4a’s by default.
    Big-time props to Steve for making this happen. It was major fun for me to chat with him, and he did a lot of work cleaning and editing the resulting file.

    I personally think it came out great.

    Our natural charisma and brilliance shone through, at least at 25% strength.

  3. This thing was totally unrehearsed, with no research ahead of time.

    I have a suspicion that there are some factual inaccuracies in things I said, as I was going strictly off of memory. After we finished, for instance, I remembered that it was James Arness, not somebody named ‘Arnett’ in ‘Them’.

    But it was still fun.

  4. In the movies that we missed in the above discussion (and on Rory’s original post), there’s Willard and Ben (and a remake of Willard in the nineties.)

    In a sense, these are on the edge between the animals attack humans genre and the loner/outsider gets revenge movies (like Carrie.)

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