Elvis Is Alive — And LBG has the photos


You thought we were done with Elvis tonight, din’cha?

Uh. Well. So did I. But old technology betrayed me this weekend. I’ve been planning on a ‘Petrogypsies’ post for some time, with a bonus chapter for the hungry population. However, it’s looking like I have that chapter only on paper. And on 5-1/4 floppy. I’m going to buy an old floppy drive if that’s what it takes. Maybe by next week.

So, what do I do when I’m desperate for a topic?

Yep. Pull out the trusty Los Blues Guys tapes and spend a few pleasant hours re-mastering them. This one was easy to clean up, only some persistent tape hiss to reduce. It may be be best natural recording we have of any of our songs. But I compressed the hell out of it anyhow, since we like our music loud these days.

According to the label, it’s from a band practice, probably at Brad’s place, on 07/22/90. Scott on lead vocals, with Casey on backup vocals and bass, Brad on drums, me on the Tokai Strat. There may have been other participants, but I can’t hear them on the tape.

This song is a legend. Written by Scott McCullar, it’s a burst of sustained creative brilliance, and was always a crowd-pleaser. Of course, we were always playing for a bunch of science fiction geeks.

It was one of my favorite songs to play, though I frequently screwed it up, of course.

Guitar wankery warning, as if you needed it. I don’t think I ever played this song as well elsewhere. Or as prolifically.


9 thoughts on “Elvis Is Alive — And LBG has the photos

  1. That was a mighty fine a’ pickin’ and a’ singin’! Feel free to remaster more. 🙂

  2. And more cowbell, of course…

    Actually, we do have the technology on hand to add those things fairly seamlessly.

    And thanks, Alden and Morgan! I’ll take every bit of encouragement I can get!

  3. Good guitar work as usual, but any chance of a cleaned up one that brings the vocals out better? Can’t hardly hear Scott or understand the lyrics.

  4. Well, it was actually one mono track that I stereoized, then messed with the EQ to try to bring out vocals. I agree with you that they need to be more up front. Will see what I can do…..

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