A Long Distance Farewell to All That

I was brought up in a Barn. No, really. Ask Stevie, who has stayed there. When I was a small kid, my parents bought a farm in southeast Massachusetts: 180 acres, double barn, butt-ugly Victorian farmhouse, half a dozen out-buildings. This became my father’s biggest art project: turning a working barn into a house, working mostly on weekends and in the summer. The outbuildings went away; the farmhouse was given to a guy who agreed to move it–and when he failed to, the local fire department used it for practice burns. It took twenty years, but it became House Beautiful.

Of course, it’s an eccentric House Beautiful: the ceilings in the hall and livingroom are 45 feet high; there’s a (now rather ancient) trapeze in the front hallway; the slate floor in the kitchen was put down after the pipes burst, flooding a new floor made up of small wooden blocks which then warped and buckled–all 40,000 of them (my father, looking at satisfaction at the slate we had just put down, wiped his hands and said “Well, water isn’t going to fucking warp this“); the bench seats in the small TV room and the kitchen were taken from the IBM pavillion at the 1964 World’s Fair. My father’s design studio is in the basement. It’s not your 3 bedroom colonial, by a long-shot.

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The Coolest 8 Year Old In The World Talks About O’Reilly

Okay, so I was reading on Booman Tribune this morning and they had a link to this. Like Booman, I think this may be the best YouTube video this year. It has some strong language in it, so may not be entirely safe for work.

YouTube Video:  Eight-year-old kicks wingnut butt

I haven’t yet had the time to surf The Bastard Fairies site, but it looks like they have at least one album free for download.

The Fourth Estate, Sorta.

Dave by Samantha HahnDavid Moldawer is an editor at St. Martin’s who podcasts. He’s one of the three Kickass Mystic Ninjas who reviewed my novel Jumper last month but he also does this thing which used to be called The Morning Brew but (cause it turns out there was an older podcast of that name already) is now called Moldawer In the Morning.

He had me on.

The format of his show involves taking three current eventoids from pop culture, technology, or politics and discussing them with a guest. Hell, often just making up things about them. It’s sort of “The View” only without any fact checking. Or facts. Seventeen minutes. Cockfighting, Baby Spas, and Dieting Mistakes. Podcast here.

Painting by artist Samantha Hahn,
a frequent guest on the show.