Hacking the EyeToy

eyetoy.jpgIt looks like a baby Terminator, with one blue eye and one red one. I’d buy it for that alone. Fortunately, it’s also the best $50 webcam you’ll ever buy for under ten bucks.

I just love getting really black-colored tech for ridiculously cheap. It’s a geek thing….

Here’s the Wiki on it.

I’m following up on a post last week where I talked about Skyping with my loved ones. I used to think that video-conferencing was a bit of a gimmick, like the Internet Refrigerator.

But I have seen the light, say Hallelujah!

Vid-calling is a paradigm-shifter, like e-mail was. Voice-only is now obsolete tech.

The EyeToy is designed to be a motion-detector to control PS2 games. But drivers have been hacked to make it work as a superlative (and cute!) 640×480 USB webcam. Its microphone is also excellent. The ring around the lens will adjust focus.

You’ll have to go on a treasure hunt for the maximum deal on this little guy. You want to get the black one, not the silver one, which apparently sucks. People have reported getting them for as little as $3.99 at EBGames. They can sometimes be found at GameStop, Target, Hollywood Video, and Blockbuster.

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Scott’s Only In It For the Money


A belated Halloween pic of Scott McCullar, lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and composer of many of the greatest hits of the legendary Los Blues Guys Band. He’ s a serious rock ‘n roll kinda guy, not afraid to provoke a firestorm of controversy with this elaborate costume mocking the commercialization of……well, hell….I dunno. Damn near everything, I guess….

He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m soon gonna harass him to record with me some of his greatest hits, such as ‘They Want my Four-Wheel Drive’, ‘The Egg’, ‘Element of Fire’, and ‘PC Woman Blues’.

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